Japanese Tenugui Towel: Why You Should Be Using This Fabric

Are you planning to visit Japan this vacation, are you thinking what to bring for your relatives, friends and associates, well, you can bring home Japanese Tenugui Towel as this is one piece of fabric which carries heritage and legend of Japan since the day of its making. Japan is well known for their cultural heritage, legacy, classicism and golden history, Japan is known for pursuing beautiful and good-looking things and Tenugui is something which has been bearing marks of Japan ethnicity confirming versatility at its extreme. The moment you will hang up TenuguiTowel Cotton Fabric for decorating purpose, you will find the room taking beautiful appearance right away. If you are really having penchant for Japan and Japanese items then you will find Japan Lovely Crafts the perfect store to deal with. Here without facing any hardship or rendering any effort you can purchase genuine Japanese items without exceeding your budget. Japan Lovely Crafts is one virtual shop on Etsy, here you will come across number of fabulous items available for different price range. Every year number of travelers visits Japan and purchase Tenugui but not only for decorative end but for number of other reasons:

Why Tenugui is Favorite-

·         Japanese Tenugui Towel used to be a significant item, used in number of different religious events. This piece used to a wonderful accessory for affluent people but with passing days, general people started using it and today, in all religious events this fabric plays great role.   

·         Entirely different from terrycloth towels, Tenugui is best known for its smooth cottony surface. This fabric is accessible in number of color combination and people with refined taste love the fabric for its richness and beauty; they can be used for dealing with different household works. 

·         As these fabrics sport characters and scenario overloaded with some meaning, so they trigger interest and attraction among all the onlookers. The fabrics are great for children room as well as for adult bedroom. You never have to be worried about anything as these pictures are often didactic often funny, often spiritual often something regular, so you can mount the fabric anywhere in school, office and use it as tapestry.
·     This piece of fabric is known for varying fabric types like “tokuoka”, “oka” and “bun”, depending upon the texture type, you can choose one. This fabric is available in different sites but all are not genuine in providing items where Japan Lovely Crafts is known to offer Tenugui where loud color concept in proportion with the versatile functionality it assures. Literally Japan Lovely Crafts has made popular among those who want soft fabric for domestic work, for bandaging, as headband or place mat.


Japanese Felting: Wonderful Art Form to Try out

Woolen felt is undoubtedly one popular art form, admired both, for its beauty and ease of designing. The quick movement of needle where the art expert tease the wool to erect varying forms which leaves all the onlookers awestruck.  If these days you are looking for professional Hamanaka Wool Felt Kit to design your own Needle Wool Felt, you will find variety here on Japan Lovely Crafts. Here you will stumble upon extensive array of kits, which are accessible for an affordable price. These kits are comprised of an instrumental manual, designs and 36, 38 and 40 gauge needles. Depending upon your choice you can choose your color and design. 

No professional needed

You don’t need a professional to teach you how to do Japanese Felting, as you can do it easily without being confused at any point. This art form is not new and have undergone changes considerably, aspiring craft enthusiasts have been experimenting with their skill to design something unusual and beautiful, thus varying styles and maneuvers were developed and Japan Lovely Crafts tried hard to accumulate all to render support to both beginners and veterans alike. The manual packed within the kits you will find extremely helpful as the instructions are lucidly described and the diagrams are methodically managed. You won’t need days for completing the task rather in few hours you can develop cute figurines like birds, puppies, kittens, flowers comic or cartoon characters. 

Charming felts 

The cute outward show of Japanese Needle Wool Felt would definitely derive admiring words all around. You can try out different felts from smaller items to bigger ones, you can place them anywhere; use them for key rigs, decorative items on kid’s furniture, hand bags and many more. You can grab different designing ideas from Japan Lovely Crafts and start your journey in felting. You will never regret over your investment. The more you practice the more flawless will be your skill and in no time you will be able to enhance your talent in designing varying figures which you can give the little ones in your house to play with. 

Open up business

If you are thinking about opening a new business or do something home based, you can do that with Japan Lovely Crafts. With the kits available here you can start making different felts and trade it in your neighborhood, for the refinement of beauty it radiates is sure to catch attention of those who want to bring home something simple yet attractive in design.  Initially it may take some time or demand patience on your end but with passing time, you will be able to develop wonderful creative items which would be getting you good amount of money.


Embroidered Iron on Patch: It’s Time To Do Something Different

If you are having penchant for craft but you are lacking in time and effort then you may try something different this time, something which will get you the exact pleasure of crafting without compelling you to spend hours. On Japan Lovely Crafts, featured on Etsy store, you will come across vast range of Embroidered Iron On Patch, trying out which you can easily decorate your bags, jeans, hats, towels and varying other regular items onto which patching looks awesome. If you haven’t heard of Iron on patch, then you be rest assured it is one of the effortless crafting techniques ever invented, which won’t involve you into anything intricate. All you have to follow few instructions and in no time you will complete your projects making few beautiful designs which will gain lovely comments from the onlookers.

·         For Embroidered Iron on Patch you need to set the iron to the highest heating mode.
·       You need to do everything on a hard surface so that your patch applies evenly. If you are thinking about doing everything on your ironing board then be quick in discarding the idea as it is not having an even surface.

·         Now it’s time to take your Kawaii Butterflies Motif patch and place it right where you want it to be. If you think that this patch is reusable so if by any chance , after completing the process the appliqué appears odd, you would be having provision to take it off and try it somewhere else, sorry but your wish can’t be fulfilled. Once it’s done it’s done.

·         Now you need Teflon sheet and place the same over the patch. Usually the sheet comes with the patch but if by mistake you have lost it or if you find no sheet like that, you must not try the patch ironing the same directly. It will end the process right before you even begin it. If you can’t find a Teflon sheet, plain piece of paper will do.  
·         Now take your iron, put the same over the Embroidery Applique and exert pressure little for 30 to 35 seconds. You don’t need to apply too much pressure.

·         After 35 seconds you need to remove the iron and you will be getting your motif imprinted over the surface. But here does not end your journey.
·         You need to turn the item, take the Teflon sheet apply it on the backside and do the exact thing you did onto the motif from front side. The moment you do that make sure you apply same pressure.
·         Finally you will have your motif imprinted suitably.


Japanese Craft Books - What You Can Make From These Books

You must have heard of how craft can provide you mental solace, ease agitated mind and help you pass your time in utmost creativity and resourcefulness. If you have no idea about craft and sewing and have never in your life tried it, if you are not  ready to  visit any professional service agency then the best way to learn craft patterns is by following the same from Japanese craft books.  On Japan Lovely Crafts you will come across range of such books both for intermediate and beginner, experts. You will love the patterns not because of the simplicity it involves, aesthetic appeal it boasts but for the versatility and resourcefulness. These books will be providing you everything in details and you will not be facing any difficulty in understanding their tactics and instructions. 

You can prepare both retro and traditional designs, using the crepe fabric you can make variety of designs and if you are interested in making oshie and hanging ornaments called tsurikazari you can prepare them effortlessly following the designs here on Japan Lovely Crafts. You can easily try your hands on attledore decoration, oshie frames, oshie wall‐hanging, and camellia tsurikazari (hanging ornament, wreath, Japanese traditional sweets (wagashi) and more. You can very well make different flower accessories like Corsages, Bags, Straps, Bracelet, Ornaments, Muffler, Belts and more. You will find these Japanesecraft books little bit intricate in understanding, however the books you will find highly inspirational especially when you are dealing with handmade projects.

If you are one of the admirers of Japan embroidery then you will find different craft books on Japan Lovely Crafts and will be able to try your hands on pansy (hat pin), butterfly (brooch), chic + earth color jewelry motifs (hair elastic, necklace), flower (brooch), rosette (brooch), cathedral (brooch), crown (brooch), butterfly + flower (pierced rings). The list does not end here as you can make flower (hair elastic), bouquet (brooch), socks (brooch), tuxedo + dress (brooch), square, drop, oval (pierced rings, ring, hairpin, necklace), dinosaur (brooch), owl (brooch),  peacock (brooch), bow (clip), animal + number (brooch), fish (brooch), octopus + cuttlefish (brooch), strawberry (tack pin), birthday cake (brooch), small sweets (tack pin), tea set (necklace), lion (brooch). If you are eager to deal in wool felt, you can very well make kawaii nordic motis,colorful dalana horse, castles , stylish northern european motifs, fruits paradise, flowers + sweets, animal silhouette. You can make varying leather items as well like message bangle, stack leather ring, stack leather shoe clip, stack leather necklace, painted emblem brooch, painted ribbon brooch


The Magic of Japanese Tenugui Towel, You will Love It

Are you looking for something to give your house a different look or different feel, how about a using a Japanese memento, yes it may sound confuse but Japan is famous for their classical and artistic décor items. Now if you are confused what to shop and what to use, well, you can very well purchase wonderfully designed Japanese Tenugui Towel and use it for décor. The aesthetic value of your room is sure to increase. Now if you are wondering, that to satisfy your penchant for Japanese item you have to plan a trip to Japan or run from one Japanese store to another, then relax without facing any hardship and saving your effort you can purchase authentic Japanese items from Japan Lovely Crafts featured on Etsy. All you have to browse the site and choose one that suits your budget and décor. If you are not well aware of this Japanese artifact, here is brief information.

What is Tenugui Towel Fabric

Japanese Tenugui Towel Fabric is a piece of fabric, used in religious events or by those who belonged to prosperous, well off families. But with passing time, today this fabric is used everywhere, that rigidity and severity upon usage is no more visible. Unlike Western terrycloth towels, Tenugui offers smooth texture. This fabric type is available in wonderful color combinations and few are having characters sketched upon its surface, whether something hilarious, historical or some regular life picture. Now if you are wondering if the fabric is having variable price or not, then you must know that Tenugui Towel Fabric is available for varying price range. This towel is available for several texture types, tokuoka”, “oka” and “bun”. Now depending upon the finer texture, the intricacy of design and pattern, color combination Tenugui Towel Fabric is priced. 

Use of Tenugui

If you are wondering whether Tenugui Towel Cotton Fabric is meant for decoration only, well this towel fabric comes with varying usage, like you can use this cloth for wiping your face and hand. For wrapping you can use as well, instead of bandanna Tenugui Towel can be wrapped around head, you can wear the same around your neck. Instead of place mat, you can use this towel. Last but not the least, like tapestry you can use this fabric, where you have to frame the towel and have it displayed in your living room, something which you would be doing with your painting or portrait. So this clothing type comes with versatile utilization and you will love it for it carries an air of legendary Japan. You will find two main varieties in terms of its color scheme- chosen tenugui and printed tenugui.